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Angel's bring messages of love and healing. They are an aspect of you higher self, they are a part of you and are always with you. Angels are pure loving energy and do not come from fear or ego.

For me personally angel cards always fall where they should, the information they provide is useful and meaning full to each person I have read. Whether they have provided me with a question or kept their intention to themselves. When using angel cards you always receive a healing and loving message.

I have been reading and studying many types of cards for the last 30 years. Readings can be done in person, on the telephone or now via email.

Angels can also be used for specific purposes from assisting you in finding your keys to walking with you through a tough time.  All you have to do is ask them, they are there for you.

An angel card reading can facilitate a conversation between you and your angels.  My involvment is to assist in making the connection.

For more information email me at tamc2006@gmail.com

Email readings are available below. They are set up on a donation basis.  Please allow up to 24-48 hours for your reading to arrive in your inbox. (this is a buffer for me but I do not belive they will take that long to turn around, although they are not cut and paste readings)

To request your reading click the donate button and enter your donation amount.  When I recieve notification I will email you to see if you have anything in particular you want to ask or find out.  When I recieve your instruction I will do the reading and send it back to you.