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About Me



I am Tammy Murray.


Since childhood I have been sensitive to energy and the way it flows.  However, knowing there are gifts and talents present and knowing how to use them fearlessly are very different things.   As cool and interesting being different is, it can also lead to criticism, and over time can lead to silence and isolation.  The many years spent quiet are done!

Over the years, hundreds of books have been added to my library ranging from self-help, to spirituality, and volumes about our energetic bodies. While waiting to be able to share all that there is to share, time was spent taking classes and  secretly  studying all things metaphysical. 

Finally about 5+ years ago, there was a huge clearing of past energetic goop and negative thought patterns, that resulted in significant life changes.  It has been an amazing process. One that must be shared with others, like you!

My first Human Design Specialist class, showed me what a fascinating tool  Human Design is and has allowed me to open up and readily accept my true life's purpose. I have now decided to accept and learn from many things have happened in my life. Human Design and the coaching received with it, gave me the confidence to open up and share the knowledge I have, publicly.

Armed with this information I decided to listen to my guides and saw it was time to change everything that no longer serves me in life. The first step was leaving my employer, after 15 years of service in the financial industry.  This job had served well when  was it needed to support my two kids alone, but was now draining, it was robbing those same kids of their fun loving free spirited mom.

A decision was made to get a job caring for others, regardless of the huge pay cut it would result in, within 2 months, a new job was started as a Life Skills Instructor at a local school for the mentally and physically challenged.  The work was wonderful and the kids and the families that need the services have so much to teach others. Since that time I have worked my way up into a lead position in which I help the seniors in my community.

I now stand in my own truth and confidence.  I understand that I am here to teach and my gifts are not to be shoved into a closet or kept in the shadows any longer.

My goals are few:

  • Give others what I  have been blessed to receive.
  • Assist in clearing people of blocked energy and negative thought patterns that keep them from being the magnificent being they really are.
  • Become a bridge for students of all kinds to find the right teachers and more importantly the right paths for them.