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In order for you to live an optimal energetic life you must create a clear, positive energy flow in your life. 

This often involves moving energetic blocks, old feelings, and thought patterns.  Everything that we experience is stored somewhere in our bodies.

There are many kinds of positive energy flows, they can be creative, spiritual, and physical. 

All of the pieces of your energetic body must work together in order to live a joyful fulfilling life. 

My 5 step system is:

1.  Identify energy blocks

2.  Remove underlying emotional issues

3.  Realign energy in a positive direction

4.  Learn all available tools to change your thinking and raise your energetic vibration.

5.  Open yourself to the limitless possibilities of being the natural you


What is energy?

Energy is vibration, it is not paranormal or magical it just is.   Absolutely everything is made up of energy.   Have you ever walked into a room and wanted to leave, it just felt weird? Have you ever bought something at a yard sale and once owned you never touched again? Have you ever walked into a place where it just felt like home?  These are examples of energy at work.

The energy, in our bodies, is similar to a river or a stream. Water flows freely and smoothly. When a barrier is created, like a beaver building a dam, the water gets stuck or goes around the dam, slowing its flow.   Stress is like the beaver dam, stress will block the natural flow of your energy.

If you are feeling stressed depressed frustrated or at the end of your rope. There are many techniques that can help you to find these blocks in your body’s energy flow.  You can remove the blocks, much like a person may remove a beaver damn.  In both scenarios the Energy that runs through all, can flow freely  again.  When energy flows properly in our bodies we feel better,  it allows us to make better informed choices on a daily basis, and assists in creating synchronicity in our lives.

Simply put old energy and thought patterns can often hold us back. Energy balancing techniques and meditations can assist your body to relax and realign.  When you are realigned you use energy more effectively and keep you healthy.