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Are you ready to feel vibrant?

Did you just come up with 3 or more reasons not to answer that question?

If you are feeling resistance or are thinking, “I used to be vibrant”, “I do not have time to be vibrant”, “I am not motivated” or coming up with any other “excuse” then I am talking to you. 

We all lead very busy lives and in all of our busyness we often lose touch with who we are and how we  have more control over our lives than we think we do.  Whether it be work, family, pets or bills, it is no wonder that we are  all so stressed out and tired.  When we are tired and stressed out we move further away from seeing our energetic potential.  We move farther  from remembering that  we can jump start our personal energy and feel vibrant again. 

I am Tammy Murray-Cousins.  I am an Energy Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Human Design Specialist, and Angel Communication Specialist.  Years have been spent researching and practicing energy related modalities.  My quest was to find out what would work best for me, and what would bring abundance and prosperity to my life and the lives of others.    

Today I am asking that you push past any thoughts or beliefs you may have that say “I can’t” and please sign up below to receive the free recording of the call done on March 7th for information on:

·         What personal energy actually is.

·         Where personal energy comes from

·         How personal energy is maintained

·         What we can do to change our energy

·         Practical exercises that you can do at home to assist in feeling vibrant.

If you are like many of my clients you want to feel vibrant, you know you can feel vibrant, but you may find it difficult.  I am here to help. 

This class is for anyone new to or has a little understanding of your personal energy and wants to learn more.

This call will provide you with all you need to understand personal energy and how to give yourself an energetic tune up. 

***To receive the link for the recording please put your email address in the box below and hit "Email me".  You will receive a confirmation email in your email inbox.  Confirm your registration and you will receive a separate email with the ink to the recording.  

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