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How I Work
When someone comes to me for coaching, I am able to get a feel for what they need to optimize their energetic bodies. 

Many of us have decided that being stressed, anxious and unhappy are normal .  We have become a society of non workers, we want the best but do not work to be sure and get the best. Many of us have given up and rather than look for solutions to our issues, we sink deeper and deeper into despair.  We forget that happiness is our natural state and we spend far too long making ourselves miserable. 

When I first meet with someone, in person, on the phone, or via email, we have a brief conversation about how they are feeling and what they want to feel.  As this is happening I am feeling their energy, I used to think I was rude and often thought I was suffering from attention deficit when my mind and body would not be really hearing someone but feeling them. I know now that it is just how I work. Although the discussion can help me, I am more drawn to the energy I feel.  From that point I will suggest what I think could be helpful and together we develop a goal and a plan to achieve it.  

Having this awareness allows me to pick the best tools in my Energy Coach Toolbox to assist a client in setting up a plan for greatness.   

I work with clients who are going through life transitions, have physical pain or illness, are looking for clarity and purpose, and/or need  guidance and direction. 



My 5 step system is:

1.  Identify energy blocks

2.  Remove underlying emotional issues

3.  Realign energy in a positive direction

4.  Learn all available tools to change your thinking and raise your energetic vibration.

5.  Open yourself to the limitless possibilities of being the natural you


All you need to have on the initial consult is the desire to be the best you can be, together we will figure out the rest!