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Is This You?


Are you dreaming of being truly happy, more balanced and ready to face a each new day with enthusiasm?

Are you interested in learning more about energy, and holistic healing?

Have you heard about things that drew your attention but you were never quite sure you could find the time or the right teacher to teach you?

My typical client is anywhere between the age of 18-65. They are people who for one reason or another feel stuck. They feel they are slaves to their lives and responsibilities and many had given up on doing for themselves. Many are ignoring their dreams. They are seeking support and guidance in moving forward with their lives.

Some have lost friends, family, or jobs, others are dealing with not knowing exactly how to get what they want. What they all have in common is the interest in growth and change. They will do what it takes to invest in themselves and the betterment of all who know and love them.

My clients love the ease of learning and taking courses since they are able to do them at their own pace and when they have time to themselves.

My ideal clients say:

I feel cold and distant, the things I am dealing with now are overwhelming, but I cannot ask for help. I feel I am hardening and it is so bad that I cannot even show people I love how much I love them. This is not how I want to be.

I feel like I have no energy to do anything, my house is a mess, my kids are out of control. Everyone looks to me to make them happy but I do not have the energy to try anymore.

I get a headache every Sunday night and a feeling of dread about work on Monday. I hate my job, but I cannot leave it because I need the money. I would much rather be doing something else.

I am just so tired. I have trouble falling asleep and just cannot get up in the morning. I have to get up so I just drag myself around all day.

I do not know what I want to do with my life never mind come up with a 5 years plan.

I am tired of being who everyone else wants me to be. I am not even sure I know what it is I want to be, but I know it is not this.

I feel I do not have anything left to live for and am unable to trust people I meet.

I think of spending time with my kids all day but the minute I get home the fights start and quality time turns into a yelling match. I feel like I can be doing more as a parent. There must be a better way to get through to the kids, and to my partner for that matter. I cannot tell any of them I love them.

All of my relationships are suffering as I walk around as a shell of who I used to be.

I am scared of facing what I might uncover if I learn more. I have spent most of my life ignoring the things that I know are impacting my life now. How can I be sure revisiting these things won’t hurt me.

I would love to learn more about energy clearing or have my cards read but I do not like going out and certainly no alone.


Many of my clients are caregivers, or moms. Some are people who have had an event trigger a need for more knowledge about how energy effects them.

My clients are not mean, crazy, bad parents, or lazy. They are just stuck. They want to live a long happy life and want to appreciate each moment they share with family and friends.

My clients are courageous, they are stepping out of their comfort zones to learn more and stop the negative energy from being passed down to their children.

My clients are beautiful magnetic beings, who can have all they want and more, they just need a little jumpstart or a shove, onto the path they were meant to be on.

They understand that I offer a number of services, classes, and workshops because there is more than just one way to find your bliss. They appreciate that it includes guiding them to others if what they decide they want or need is not provided by me.

My clients know they do the work to heal themselves I am just a conduit, their successes are theirs alone.


Can you relate to some of these scenarios?


You are most likely to succeed with me if:

You are willing to look 'outside the box' for solutions. You are open-minded enough to check out new possibilities, even though this may mean moving outside your comfort
zone at times. You are courageous and not afraid to try anything.

Achieving balance in your life is important. It is important for you to take classes or go to healing sessions without feeling like you are letting anyone else down. You can only take care of others as well as you take care of yourself.

You are willing to take time to fight off any negative thoughts or fears that may emerge while you are doing your work.

You understand the importance of support and open communication. You are
willing to be vulnerable and listen to your heart. You are not afraid to ask for support,
and you communicate in an open, candid manner.

You are willing to think expansively and explore spiritual solutions to your
problems. You know that sometimes there are bigger answers to your questions and a
strong spiritual foundation gives you the strength and the faith to take big steps forward

Is this you?