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Testimonials for Tammy



Tammy’s Reiki work is truly healing, both physically and emotionally.  Treatments are delivered with sincere peace, love and nurturing that is evident in her sessions.  Human Design is another wonderful tool Tammy has mastered in her hopes to help others learn more about themselves and put them on a path of improvement.  Tammy is also skilled in using humor to relax and heal those who might otherwise be closed to such “unusual” experiences.  Tammy is down to earth while always maintaining her balance and center.  

Tammy is beautiful and intuitive spirit who just has a way of providing the support, caring, understanding, and laughter  you need right on time.  ~ Karen M.


Tammy somehow manages to work, raise her children, pursue her education, volunteer in her community, at her church and for her children’s activities.  I am constantly amazed at what she can accomplish in a 24 hour day.  Her caring nature and desire to help others is a constant presence in her life whether it’s working with people who have special needs to donating her skills to help people heal.  ~ Deb O.


I have been a Lifestyle Coach for almost (6) years. My job is to help people help themselves by realizing their potential and seeing the benefit of the improvements. With all my experience and all my connections around the world. Tammy Murray Cousins is my Mentor and who I go to for advice.  ~ Steve S.


Human Design has helped me look at myself in a different light. I have learned to live my life the way i should and it has made me a happier person. It has also helped my relationship with my husband as i am now more understanding and i respond to things in a different manner. I am now working on helping my relationship with my teenage son in the hopes that we can have an open relationship, one where he knows that he can tell me anything no matter what ~ Margaret S


I contacted Tammy Murray-Cousins for a Human Design Reading. I have used the human design information to help understand myself more. It has helped me react differently to many different situations including my family life and work.  There is so much information, and its amazing how beneficial it can be.  J. L.